Modell till Cheops pyramid

Walmstedska Gården, Uppsala – May 19 – June 3

Model to Cheop’s pyramid at height 4.5, base 6.75 m X 6.75 m, scale, 1.30 Material: Plastic garbage
(Cheops pyramid’s original dimensions, height 146 m, base 220 m x 220 m)

Theme - Statement, Reality-fantasy?

I start the build of Cheops pyramid in the original size of plastic bags immediately after the exhibition and it is estimated to be 27 meters higher and 100 meters longer than the Cathedral.It will change the profile of Uppsala and give it a little more cluttered appearance.

The Cheops pyramid is expected to be built on Rackarbacken, where the network RackarArt has its base, houses, children’s cottages, laundries and roads (and according to the construction plan also Folkes livs groceries)will be built into the pyramid area and thus becomes part of the work. The shovel is expected to be put in the ground as soon as possible but no earlier than 1 July 2018.

The building material, Plastic garbage, the best, cheapest, and strongest material available, according to the pharmacy, takes 400 years to break down a plastic bag, so it takes 800 years to break down two, and so on. Then you can figure out that it is almost indestructible …

Everyone who has helped with the Pyramid on Walmstedtska gården will automatically join the prize draw of the entire pyramid and the winner will take it home after the last exhibition day 3 June at 16:00 – 2018.

Some facts gathered from everything about science:
The original Cheops (Khufus) pyramid was built 2580 BC and took more than 20 years to build and is the only one of the original seven wonders to be seen today. Like many other really old buildings, the Cheop’s pyramid is likely to be a victim for environmental pollution. An old saying: “Man is fearing time, but time is fearing the pyramids”

Thank you for all the support of all kind people!


Eva Högberg

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