The Heart

Anatomiska teatern, Museum Gustavianum, Artemis, Uppsala 1999
Photos: Vasilis Theodorou

Anatomical Theatre as a chest. An installation with sound and movement The heart is made of silicone and foam, inside a motor that pulls together the heart 60 times / minute. It’s synchronized with a computer that makes a heartbeat each time the heart contracts . A net of veins, made from 500 m hose , the net vibrates and moves when the heart pumps. On the seven walls , paintings of the body’s universe.

The Heart on the autopsy table in the Anatomical Theatre at the Uppsala University Museum in 1999, in Artemis. An installation with sound and movement. A motor inside the soft heart tugged and pulled at it so that it would contract 60 times a minute. The motor was synchronised with a computer that sent out a heartbeat for every contraction

Artemis, a meeting between artist and Scientist.

Scientist in social medicine Margareta Sanner, Assoc. Professor, legitimated psychologist. Organ donation is a part of Margaretas science so in connection with the exhibition Margareta have a very interesting lecture about humans thoughts and feelings about their transplanted organs.

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